Before the Build

The “building” of your home begins before the first foundation is dug. We like to contribute to the project as early as possible, since cost, quality and scheduling influence every decision that is made throughout the construction process. With over 25-years of construction experience under our belt, we know to carefully address these decisions in advance.

Our Strengths

  • Working together with architects, structural engineers, civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers, to design the best set of plans and to ensure that information requests are met and order changes are to a minimum.
  • Continued evaluation of materials and methods, keeping the project on budget and where possible, even reduce costs.
  • Solid preparation of pre-construction cost estimates during design in order to forecast budgets.
  • Thorough evaluation and analysis of final working drawings for accuracy and completeness in order to begin bidding.

during construction

At Zigrang Construction we provide a comprehensive construction management service. We hire talented superintendents and first rate project managers, to ensure the project meets your objective within a timely manner. The services we provide during construction include:

Construction Cost Control

  • We work with Construction Disbursement Companies that disburse construction monies based on completion of project.
  • We provide value engineering suggestions which incorporate a selection of cost effective materials and construction methodology.
  • We recommend Cost Plus Agreements from AIA between the General Contractor and Owner. These are the standard agreement forms in our industry. Clients receive an outline of all the subcontractors by trade along with pricing so that we can review together and obtain the best pricing possible for their project.

Subcontractor Contract Control and Approval Process

  • We have created attorney drafted sub-contractor agreements, which are clearly defined with our owner releases. This ensures that all subcontractors perform to the level of Zigrang Construction standards.

client communication

Our weekly progress reports and weekly/monthly meetings, keep you, the client, updated on progress of the project. We continually evaluate schedules, the budget and the finer construction details.

on site project control

Our full-time project managers and superintendents are supplied with the latest tools to oversee your project. Our field offices are equipped with the latest advances in technology, Information on schedules, budgets, revisions and design changes can be accessed, communicated and implemented, all within a timely manner.

risk management and insurance

We provide all of the necessary insurance documents such as general liability, workers compensation, waiver of subrogation and releases.  

after the build

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends far beyond the completion of construction. Our services include:

  • We conduct a detailed walk through and analysis with you to ensure you are satisfied with each area of construction.
  • We present you with a Quality Construction and Warranty Book, which we explain in detail.
  • We provide you with a complete list of recommended maintenance items, prior to move in.
  • All warranty items that need repair are given immediate attention and follow through.
Designed by architect Daryl Olesinski

Designed by architect Daryl Olesinski

Via Arco, Palos Verdes

Via Arco, Palos Verdes

Open plan, natural light living space - Rocky Point Road, Palos Verdes

Open plan, natural light living space - Rocky Point Road, Palos Verdes

The Poon Residence, swimming pool

The Poon Residence, swimming pool