2000-2006 Publications

Zigrang Construction's 21st Street project - an open loft-style house (with only two doors in the entire three story home) - was featured in LA Architect, January 2001. The house is an open-ended structure that criss-crosses the family from private to public to private as they navigate their space. During most of the year the home remains wide open, with breezes blowing through the different levels. Located on a walk street in Manhattan Beach, the typical sand lot of 24 x 80 (after set backs) is generally covered by house. To read more view the image slideshow.

Designed to preserve the view of the Pacific Ocean, the Tiedemann's hillside residence in Manhattan Beach is featured twice in Better Homes and Gardens' specialist interest publication; Kitchens and Bathrooms (May/June 2002 and May/June 2003). To make most of the ocean views the kitchen, dining room, living room and den are on the home's top floor.

"We didn't feel compelled to hide the fact that it was a kitchen, but it had to have a lot of style, because it was going to be the center of activity." asserts homeowner Laurie Tiedemann. To read both articles, view the image slideshow.